Cancer Free - Now What?

When you finally get the word you are cancer free; along with a sense of relieve comes an uncertainty about what lies ahead. After all, cancer free is a tentative conclusion; one with follow up doctor visits and tests into the foreseeable future. It is important to remember that cancer does not develop in isolation.

Due to a variety of triggers and circumstances; your system gets pushed into overdrive, wreaking havoc on the metabolism and immune system; allowing cancer to develop at your body’s weakest link. This explains why cancer can show up anywhere and metastasize, even without a family history. Like a detective collecting clues; we work with you to identify your triggers, setting a course that matches your specific nutritional and lifestyle situation and providing you tools for the fighting chance you deserve.

Chemo Brain

Chemo Brain or Brain Fog is one of the most common and annoying symptoms cancer survivors experience. It is often described as a generalized mental dullness that ranges in affect from diminished recall of everyday items like names and computer passwords to altered speech patterns and long- term memory loss.

For its relative small size and yet central importance in controlling and regulating body function, the brain has one of the highest energy needs of any organ. That explains why the toxicity of chemo therapy so consistently has a negative effect on brain function and the metabolism. Understanding your toxic load better prepares you on how to address any chemo brain issues you may be experiencing.

Weight Management Issues

Weight management issues are a common challenge for cancer survivors, whether it is difficulty regaining weight or shedding unwanted pounds. Prescription induced weight gain, food triggers, inflammation and sleep cycles play an important role in how the body manages weight. Careful review of your lifestyle habits can provide the control you are looking for.

Metabolism & Thyroid Challenges

Metabolism and thyroid challenges often persist after being declared “cancer free”. That explains why someone will have normal bloodwork and still have many of the signs and symptoms of thyroid dysfunction; such as fatigue, cold hands and feet and thinning hair.

As noted in the book “Tripping over the Truth” by Travis Christofferson MS; Dr. James Watson, one of the co-discovers of DNA structure, along with a host of other researchers, concluded that “cancer has its origin with the metabolism, not in the genes”. So, to stay strong, look to your habits and lifestyle and identify the sources of inflammation and toxicity.

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