Perpheral Neuropathy Testimonials

"Dorian Quinn L.Ac. addressed my neuropathy issue due to Lyme disease and it has helped tremendously. Evelyn helped me in my weight loss journey and believe me it was a challenge for her. Not only did she address my weight issue but also did a ton of research for supplements to address immune support, heavy metals, and an overall protocol to aid me in my weight loss. She was there every step of the way to guide me. It helps to be held accountable and to have someone in your corner who knows what they're doing."

- Paula N.

"Dorian Quinn L.Ac. is wonderful- so full of knowledge and treating our bodies the “right” way."

- Lisa L.

"I’m a very happy patient, with all the help I have been given I’m walking on pillows again, it’s been years and was told to just deal with it until i found the truthful people at Simple Wellness Clinic in West Linn. Thank You so very much!!"

- Brian B.

"My wife Kathy and I started seeing Dorian Quinn L.Ac. in November of 2018. at that time I weighed 221 lbs and wore 36 inch waist pants. Today I am 174 lbs and 32 inch waist. Kathy has lost significant weight as well and has decreased her insulin use as well as her other meds. by following Dorian Quinn L.Ac. protocols. Eventually she will not be insulin dependent at all. We are now working with Evelyn for further weight loss and maintenance with the goal of maintaining a healthy diet. Thank you Simple wellness clinic for all you have done and continue to do. Finding you has truly been a god send and a life saver."

- Jim L.

"Simple Wellness just rocks! I went on two cruises last year - one on a mega ship and another in Europe. I worked with Simple Wellness and they put a protocol in place for me. The first cruise I did the Simple Wellness protocol prior to the trip and then had fun on the ship. I gained NOTHING even while having fun and eating in a relaxed way. The second trip I did gain a little (6 pounds) but I came right back and checked in with Simple Wellness who then put me on a reset protocol and everything melted away. Overnight. The work these folks do with me is simply amazing.

3/30/2019 UPDATE - Life just keeps getting better due to my work with Simple Wellness. I look younger and have more energy. The weight has remained off and I feel fantastic. I literally glow from the inside out. My physical shape is wonderful and my health has never been better. It is all due to my work with Simple Wellness. They know what they are doing and it is amazing the results they produce."

- Sarah W.


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