One-On-one Consultation

Meet with your dedicated weight loss coach to personalize a plan just for you. 



Talk through challenges, get the support you need to stay focused on your goal weight.

Reach & Maintain Goals

Track your progress and learn the skills you need to succeed. 





The Power of Personalized


Research shows that interacting regularly with a weight loss expert can help you lose up to 3x more weight than dieting on your own.

  • Accountability and motivation are key! We're here for you!

  • Together we’ll craft a personalized action plan that will work for you.

  • Plus, you'll have unlimited access to text and connect when you need it most.

  • Our consultants are weight loss experts and are here to help you set goals, understand the process, and strategize for success.

Perfectly Balanced Plans for Safe, Healthy Weight Loss

Based on established Wellness Metrics that support your metabolism and set you up for long term success.

  • No processed or specialized foods. 

  • No injections or stimulants.

  • No hormones.







Skip the DIY diet and keep

the weight off!

Track your results with our Fit3D body scanner

Typical weight loss in our 6-week program is between 20-40 pounds! 


The Intake During your one-on-one consultation

  • review Medical history - Medications that may interfere with weight loss.

  • set Goals - What do you want to accomplish and when.

  • assess Challenges - Reviewing long term weight loss obstacles.​

Technology Based Wellness Metrics

  • Body Shape Rating - How & where you carry your weight.

  • Body Composition - body fat %, lean muscle mass %, hydration

  • Fitness Level - What exercise is best for you.

Organ Stress / Metabolism Metrics

  • Allows us to customize your plan for improved metabolism support.

  • Makes it easier to burn fat for fuel.

  • makes it Easier to maintain weight loss.

You are unique

Your Weight Loss Program Should Be, Too!

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